Mini Home Office Makeover


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After months of trying to figure out a hybrid work space that best fits my needs, I’m happy to report that my quaint home office is finally complete.

In this post, I’ll be highlighting a mix of old and new. A good chunk of the items were thrifted/hand me downs and the rest are things I purchased (links provided below). I will also be sharing my top three tips on how you can enhance your personal workspace.

My goal for this space was to create something inspiring, practical, and cozy with hints of elegance.

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shelves, antique gold wall brackets, similar llama to the one used, bust pot, white storage box


My top 3 tips to enhance your workspace

1. Make Storage Your Best Friend

Personally, I work better without a ton of items surrounding me on my desktop surface. However, others may be the opposite and that’s totally fine too! Regardless of how you work best, I believe finding solutions to stay organized can help boost productivity. Now more than ever, there are so many beautiful storage container solutions on the market. There are also a ton of budget friendly DIY solutions online to reference (I’m looking at you, Pinterest)!

2. Add A Dash Of Inspiration

Ask yourself what inspires you and find a way to add a few of those elements into your space. If its travel – consider framing a few of your favorite travel photographs. Or maybe if you’re a book worm then adding a few of your favorite literature pieces on display could be a good idea.

3. Hide The Digital Cords

In this digital age, cords are inevitable and also kind of an eyesore. Some solutions to help with digital cord management:

  • If possible, position your desk against a wall so that it has direct access to a wall plug.
  • Invest in a power strip.
  • If you’re on the market to purchase a new desk – consider looking for one that has built in holes for computer cords.

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