Cottagecore Inspired Home Goods


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What is Cottagecore? The definition provided by Amanda Garrity, Associate Lifestyle Editor at Good Housekeeping sums it up well in that it is “a way to escape our modern lives and romanticize timeless simplicities: tending the garden, sipping on a hot cup of tea, perfecting a sourdough starter, foraging mushrooms in the forest and other seemingly mundane activities that force people to take a pause.” To further visualize this, think of floral prints, lush gardens, cozy decor, and dashes of whimsical charm. It’s an aesthetic that embraces life’s simple pleasures and blew up in popularity during the 2020 lockdown.


Cottagecore has become a growing subculture within the spheres of fashion, leisure activities, home cooking, and home interiors. In this post I am highlighting some cottagecore inspired Amazon home good finds. Cue the Give me the Simple Life by Steve Tyrell song.


  1. white floral cotton sheet set
  2. cloister pillow cover
  3. flower goblet
  4. stained glass table lamp
  5. stained glass window panel
  6. eucalyptus leaves
  7. mini wood mushroom figures
  8. orange zest & bergamot candle
  9. mini glass vase set
  10. wall hanging basket
  11. glass frame
  12. planter hanging glass
  13. crystal honey jar
  14. canvas print wall art
  15. woven throw
  16. deco glass terrarium
  17. string lights
  18. succulent pot candle
  19. glass watering spray
  20. sunset jade house plant
  21. dried lavender flowers
  22. 4 piece matte glaze dinnerware set
  23. ceramic jug set
  24. metal tin vintage flower sign
  25. rattan coasters

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