Light Academia Inspired Home Goods


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In this post I am sharing my take on a few light academia inspired home good finds.

What is light academia? Similarly to the cottage core aesthetic, it is a type of niche style that has grown to become a popular internet subculture within multiple lifestyle categories. Jake Colvin, Founder of Modern Fellows, wrote an in depth blog post pertaining to the topic in that it is a type of academic aesthetic “…guided by the celebration of idealized small moments of academic life as well as (often European) literature, art, history and architecture.” This style mostly consists of a neutral tone palette and traditional vintage elements.

  1. baroque wall sconce lamp
  2. picasso canvas wall art
  3. butterfly paperweight
  4. picture frame
  5. portable record player
  6. mini vinyl record player gramophone
  7. oval tabletop mirror
  8. pyropet candles
  9. peony silk faux flowers
  10. rectangular wall mirror
  11. little pond canvas wall art
  12. dried pink flowers
  13. plush throw blanket
  14. mini beethoven statue
  15. pillow cover
  16. globe
  17. candle holders
  18. decorative book boxes
  19. gold leaf mirror
  20. lion wall sconce

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