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DIY Beaded Mirror Project

DIY Beaded Mirror Project

This post is dedicated to recreating the gorgeous Tess mirror from Cross Design. Below is a side by side comparison - what do you think?

If you try this DIY project, please use #livingwithleslie so I can see your recreation.

I decided to recreate mine at a 7” diameter vs. the Cross Design’s small (26”)/large (32”) size. Their small size retails at $625 and large at $795, but I was able to make my 7” one for * $17.46.

Supplies I used:

  • (1) 7” mirror | brand: Art Minds | $2.99

  • (2) 1” 18 piece packs of wooden beads | brand: Art Minds | $4.99

  • (1) 0.1” jute twine in ivory | brand: Ashland | $3

  • foam brush | brand: Art Minds | $0.50

  • white acrylic paint | brand: Ceramcoat | $0.99

  • hot glue gun

  • 2” c-clamp

  • dremel tool

* Please note: I already own a hot glue gun, c-clamp, and dremel tool. The rest of the supplies I purchased, which totaled: $17.46.

Step 1

Set aside the amount of wooden beads you will need to cut and paint. I ended up using at total of 31 (17 out of the 31 were designated for cutting). However, this amount may be less or more depending on how long you’d like your mirror to hang. I suggest laying out the beads around the mirror to visually plan your desired length.

DIY Project | Living With Leslie

Step 2

Gather the c-lamp, dremel tool, and designated beads for cut and begin the cutting process. I intentionally wanted a rustic look so I eyeballed each bead thickness cut. If you do the same, just be sure the cut is thick enough to insert into the edge of the mirror.

DIY Project | Living With Leslie

Step 3

Start painting! I painted two coats and it covered the wood well.

Step 4

Once the beads are completely dry from the paint, set aside the cut beads from the non cut beads. Then cut a generously lengthy amount of twine to work with! Insert the twine through the cut beads first, then evenly add the non cut beads to each end.

Pro tip: tape up the ends of the twine as thin as you can (think of the ends of a shoe lace). This will make it easier to insert through the bead.

DIY Project | Living With Leslie

Step 5

Heat up the hot glue gun and carefully fill the cut of the bead with glue and then insert the bead into the edge of the mirror. Hold in place for a couple of seconds until completely set and dry. Repeat this process with the rest of the cut beads. Once all of the cut beads are glued onto the mirror, gently flip the mirror so the back is facing you and apply glue around the beads to ensure an extra firm hold.

DIY Project | Living With Leslie

Step 6

Tie the ends of the twine as securely as you can with a loop for hanging purposes and then cut any excess twine.

DIY Project | Living With Leslie

Step 7

Use a glass cleaner to get rid of any fingerprints and remove any excess hot glue webs. Hang and enjoy!

DIY Project | Living With Leslie
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